Executive Abstract NIG 982702

Executive Abstract NIG 982702 - Work Packages, Scheduling

  1. WP1 – construction of DF line: 

  • Elaboration of technical specifications for fiber cable installation approved by the national authorities, including design of the optical cable trace and works on top geodesy;
  • optical cable and spares purchasing and delivering to the mounting places;
  • Works on cable installation, welding and testing.

The realization of WP1 tasks and the necessary funding are specified in European Commission project SEE-GRID-SCI Workprogramme. These financial recourses are already allocated and will be activated since the beginning of 2009

2. WP2 – installation, adjusting and putting in operation of optical data transmission equipment: 

  • Optical communication equipment necessary for organization of optical lambda data transmission utilization ordering, mounting, adjustment, testing and its functioning optimization;

The realization of WP2 tasks and the necessary funding are the subject of this proposal

3. WP 3 – routing and data flows distribution equipment installation and putting in operation:

  • Specification, procurement, installation, adjustment, testing and putting in productive operation of new high performance routing and switching communication equipment for traffic distribution among users in RENAM network;

The necessary support of WP3 tasks realization is negotiating with GEANT project Consortium represented by DANTE (Delivery of Advanced Network Technology to Europe) and RoEduNet - partner NREN. The details of preliminary Agreement for obtaining the necessary co-funding for ordering the communication equipment from DANTE through RoEduNet are in process of negotiation.

4. WP4 – construction of last mile DF lines in Chisinau and Iasi:

  • Last mile fiber optics cable lines construction projects elaboration and obtaining of official allowance from local authorities;
  • Last mile FO cable (24 fibers) purchasing, installation, testing and putting in operation.

The necessary funding for WP4 tasks realization will be offered by RENAM network itself using internal financial resources.


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